Mirror, mirror on the wall, what are some of the predictions of 2020?

Hold on to all of you who have thought this as 2019 comes to an end.

In Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the Wicked Queen doesn’t say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

She actually says, “Magic mirror on the wall…”

If we can’t get that quote right, how are we even to trust ourselves to know the trends of an entire year?

As always, we look at the data and insights from thought leaders in the industry. When it comes to printing, Cartridge World is fortunate we possess abundant data and hundreds of thought leaders across the country in the form of passionate franchisees serving local businesses.

Our network of friendly and hardworking prince charmings doesn’t need magic mirrors to know the future of printing. To ensure your printing is prosperous in the future, we picked their brains for the relevant printer and printing trends of 2020.


Printer Security


This trend might not require that much of a magic mirror. Cybersecurity is a concern in all spaces today — from voting booths to e-commerce sites. One hack and a lot of valuable data is in the hands of “Wicked Queens” or lost to the world.

Printers and printing networks are no exception.

Forty-four percent of business network-connected printers are not secure when it comes to unauthorized access. Beyond leaky company networks, it’s also not surprising that 90 percent of organizations have experienced a security breach in the last year caused by hard copy documents.

We detail solutions to secure your printers and printing networks, or you can download our popular eBook, 5 Hard Copy Data Security Risks in Every Office. Don’t wait until the new year to protect your printer documents, as those Wicked Queens never sleep.


Printing on the Go or Mobile Printing


As the world shrinks further into smartphones and tablets, anything mobile becomes more popular and relevant. That includes linking apps and software to mobile printing kiosks or printing zones. College students want their papers ready as they rush to class, while travelers like to print collaterals at the airport while they journey to an important business meeting. As far as businesses, research indicates that 83 percent of organizations are interested in adopting mobile printing.

Both companies and consumers will be looking for brands that satisfy this need in 2020 and the rest of the decade.


Managed Print Services


Between the mentioned security and mobile printing (and beyond), it’s obvious that printing tech is just getting very complicated. It’s going to take more than a magic mirror to understand so many changes coming down the pipe.

Having a third-party oversee a company’s printer ecosystem makes simple sense to simplify printing. Offices possess too little time and can’t afford more headaches due to tech issues. Your busy IT person might not get to your printer software update when you exactly need them. Also, consider that printer repair costs can be three times as expensive as the price tag for a new printer; printer costs are just below that of rent, payroll, and office utilities; and two-thirds of offices don’t track their printing expenses.

Managed print services puts all printer issues in the hands of an expert. What’s more, an effective managed print services can reduce business costs by 20-30 percent, as well as potentially improve an office’s green footprint and document security. Heigh-Ho to that!

Managed print services is a trend that will remain an important reality. Statistics show that the managed print services industry continues to grow and is expected to be a $58 billion industry worldwide by 2025.


Printing Sustainability


Like security, this trend is not a surprise. As we’ve shown, printers and printer cartridges are some of the worst offenders when it comes to the environment. Between printer cartridge waste in landfills and the amount of paper consumed in businesses, offices look less than the idyllic woods in the Snow White film and more like the landscape of Mad Max.

Our video explains more on this stark reality:

Not sure on the size of your green footprint when it comes to printing? We suggest you look at our infographic, Are You a Green Printer? or download our Green Office Printing Scorecard.

If you want a New Year’s resolution that makes a positive environmental impact on your work, take advantage of our free resource: The Green Office Printing Guide.


The Continued Death of the Copier


We have argued about the myth of the paperless office. But, as with printing on the go or sustainability, this doesn’t mean offices are printing smarter. Copier machines, those “aircraft carriers” as many in our network call them, are hogs in all possible ways: resources, energy, and time.

As we’ve further argued, If you’re printing less than 10,000 sheets per month and rarely need 11X17 documents, then a bulky copier in your office is not advisable (maybe if you’re space doubles as a Mad Max set). Keep in mind that leasing a copier potentially nails you down to byzantine contracts and hidden fees that have no place in an era of nimble companies and mobile solutions.

If you’re still wondering if you might need a copier or printer in 2020, please download our eBook: How to Decide Between a Printer and a Copier?

That’s the future for you, magic mirror or mirror, mirror on the wall. We didn’t mention 3D Printing because it falls under the “Captain Obvious” category. That tech will continue to expand and grow, but it’s not at the point where it can be leveraged for daily office solutions. Check back with us in 366 days (yes, 2020 is a leap year)

For the start of the new decade, then, it’s all about printing lean, green, and digitally seen.


Looking to master your printing and printing responsibly in 2020? Contact us for a free assessment that identifies the right printing solutions for your brand.

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