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Printing Too Much

“Print volumes drop by 10% when people believe their usage is being monitored”.

Cost Visibility

“Office Printing tends to be the #4 business operating expense behind payroll, rent and utilities”.

Printer Service Issues

“27% of all IT Help Desk Calls are printer related”

Multiple Print Vendors

“It costs approximately $15 – $25 for most businesses to process an invoice”.

Reactive Toner Ordering

“80% of businesses still order toner on a reactive basis”.

Excessive Waste from Printing Too Much

“20% of printed pages are never used”.

No Cartridge Recycling

“70% of empty print cartridges go directly to landfill”.

Too Many Printer Issues

“Office workers that make $50K per year cost $25 per hour”.

No Mobile Print Strategy

“30% of mobile workers want to print but can’t”.

Cartridge Inventory Issues

“20% of print cartridges in supply cabinets are outdated or unusable”.

Can your office relate to these common problems?

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