Ink and toner truly are the lifeblood of printing. They are so valuable, the cost is an influential factor when determining what kind of printer to purchase. Other factors include what you will be printing and the amount you will be printing.

The Cost of Ink as It Relates to Printers

If you purchase black ink cartridges three times per year, the cost will run between $60 and $120 a year depending on brand and size. Meanwhile, color ink cartridges are more expensive, costing between $75 and $150 a year based on the same frequency of purchases. When you consider the costs of printers ranges anywhere between $50 and $600, the amount you can spend on ink and toner is oftentimes more expensive than the initial cost of the printer – especially if you opt for a cheap model.

Ink’s Effect on the Cost per Page

This is also reflected in the cost per page. With a cheap printer (under $200), the average cost per page using black ink is 5.5 cents and the average cost per page in color is 8.9 cents. However, a more expensive printer (more than $200) typically yields lower costs per page – 3.9 cents using black ink and 8.3 cents using color ink. It all depends on how much you print.

The Economical Choice

The frequency and amount you print makes a difference. If you print a lot, then the higher quality, more expensive printer is more economical because the cost per page is less. However, if you do not print often, a lower quality and less expensive printer may yield bigger savings.

You will have to determine what kind of printer you need to get the most out of your ink or toner. To find the right printer, you will need to consider several factors, including how much you print using just black (typically text) and how much using color (photos). You should also take into account the different printer brands, the functions available on each model and cost.

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