There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone’s daily life in some way and owning a business can make things even harder. Business owners are feeling the stress of managing their businesses through this time of uncertainty, and more and more businesses are transitioning to work from home policies.

This means reliance on technology will be at an all-time high. Here are a few tips to help your business seamlessly move to a remote location and continue to be successful.


Learn a New Skill


No matter how much you think you know about a subject, you can always continue to learn. Right now is the perfect time to hone some of your skills, or learn something new about your industry. Plenty of businesses are stuck at home and are working at a lesser capacity than normal. If you find that you have a bit more time on your hands, take some time to realize what you could learn more about and commit yourself to it.

Right now, many online schools are offering free webinars available to anyone who wants to attend. A major online resource to check out is Classes are free right now through Coursera. You can take anything from business classes taught by experts from Google or Amazon, to videos on how to play guitar, and everything in between.

You and your employees should take the initiative to try and learn a new skill that can help the business. Some of our top picks that every business owner should take are The Strategy of Content Marketing, Machine Learning for Business Professionals, and Creative Problem Solving, just to name a few.

Taking the time to learn now, while most are resting on their laurels, will only put you ahead of your competition.

Bring the Office Home


Bringing the office home is easier than ever!

If you do not have a dedicated home office space, there is no better time than the present to establish one. Here’s a quick home office checklist that you can follow to ensure that your home has everything you need to work efficiently.

  1. Work Desk
  2. Computer Chair
  3. Second Monitor w/mount
  4. Laptop w/peripherals
  5. Reliable Wi-Fi (VPN suggested)
  6. No Cost Printer

When moving to working exclusively out of the office, it is important to have the equipment in place to operate your business the same as you would in the office. You will likely still need to print invoices, cost-sheets, and more. Having a reliable printer at home will be important for productivity. Look into utilizing one of our cost-free printers to ensure your success.


Gain Access to Funds


Recently, the small business administration passed a stimulus program to help small business owners protect their employees by providing low-interest loans specifically for rent or payroll. While hundreds of small businesses were ready to apply for these special loans, most of the big banks were not ready to process these requests.

As the COVID-19 situation advances, the government will likely have to pass more small business protection programs. If you were not able to access funds this time, stay informed and up to date on the news about different economic stimulus plans. In the meantime, look into alternative loan providers to see what they can do for you. Online small business loans could become increasingly popular during this epidemic. Online loans offer quicker funding times, as well as better odds of getting access to capital. A small online loan could help get you through the coming month, while the government works out the kinks with the federal loan programs.


Stay Healthy and Stay Safe


No matter what the COVID-19 crisis brings your way, make sure to #flattenthecurve and stay safe. Nothing should be more important than your health, and this includes your business. Be sure to follow best health practices to prevent further spread of the illness. If we all band together, we can overcome this health crisis.

Please reach out to us if you need any home or business printing assistance. As an essential service provider, we’re open and supporting our communities during these trying times.

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