As we’ve stated before, the reports of printing death have been greatly exaggerated. There is no paperless office coming, and business printing continues to thrive across the country.

We print a lot, and one of the things we print a lot in the office are signs, banners, and cards.

As Valentine’s Day approaches and romance is in the air, why not love the idea of printing out affectionate craft-like collaterals for your office. If anything, it can turn a mundane “out of order” sign into eye-catching content for coworkers.

Thus, we continue our “Printerest” series with six craft ideas that will increase the living heartbeat of your business when it comes to printing.


Valentine’s Day Banner


From surprise birthday parties to send-offs, a thoughtful banner can make a big difference at any office event. And it doesn’t take much work, as seen from this craft site that provides instructions.

woman holding kisses banner

All you need is patterned paper, colored card stock, scissors, bakers’ twine, and a hole punch – paired with the downloadable instructions and a sturdy printer. Voila, mon amour!


Google Valentine’s Day Card


Pretty much everyone knows what a Google search page looks like. So instead of googling for card ideas for Valentine’s Day, why not just hand them a collateral that looks like a Google search page?

a card that looks like a google search page

Go through the steps here to create your own Google Valentine’s Day card – or whatever message you want like “How to get employees to clean after themselves in the lunchroom” or something like that.


Sarcastic Valentine’s Day Card


Work is a place where we bite our tongues a lot, but love means saying what we mean as long as we season it with wry humor.

In that case, how about some edgy Valentine’s Day cards (that double as signs) with comments like “I am not sick of you yet” or “I love your stupid face”?

cards on a table with funny messages

Download the templates here and then print them for your coworkers (at your own, loving peril).


Chalkboard Printables


Ready for those trendy and cool chalkboard printables for Valentine’s Day and beyond? The Shabby Greek Cottage provides some very nice ones, as seen below:

four romantic chalkboard printables

Download the templates here and use your imagination for different messages.


“PS I love you” printable


Nothing expresses love more than “PS, I love you” (at least that’s true for the 2007 Gerald Butler and Hilary Swank film of the same name). Here’s the styling card:

romantic valentine's day card

You can find the templates here, along with other ideas for tender lines. The sky is the limit on what message you can use, although we hope you don’t print a card out with, “PS, you’re fired.”

We hope.


Glad I found you card


Sometimes work seems like a group of people separated by so much…work.

This ingenious card can be used to remind a coworker or friend that, in a busy crowd, what matters is the warm connections people share.

card with two people finding each other in a crowdDownload it here, and it includes the ability to personalize your message.


We hope you find use and inspiration with these templates in our latest “Printerest” series – even if some do indeed end up as the “out of order” sign over your printer or copy machine. If you’re tired of printing out that message, contact us and break up with printer issues or repairs once and for all. And then focus on lovin’ your job.


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